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Basedtechportal Welcome You To It

The Following Rules Must Be Strictly Adhere To, Through Out Your Stay In The Forum:-

1... Members/Users Are Expected to Post In English Language and Non
English Speaking Members/User Should UseThe Country Flag At
The Bottom
Of This Page To Modify To The Language Which They Speak.

2... Members/Users Are Expected To Read The
Forum Descriptions Before Posting And For
Member/Users Who Consistently Post To
The Wrong Forum May Be Given A Warning And Will
Lead To A Ban If He or She Still Continues.

3... Members/Users Should Post In A Way That Is Respectful of Other
Users/Member. Insulting, Flaming Or Abusing Users In Any Way Will
Not Be Tolerated And Will Lead To A Warning And
Will Lead To A Ban If Him/Her Still Continues After Warning.

4... Members/Users Should Never Forget That This
Forum Is Aimed At A General Audience, Posting Pornographic
Contents or Words Such As SEX, FUCK,
BOOBS, PENNIS E.t.c Is Highly Prohibited And Generally
Offensive Text, Images, Links, E.t.c. Will
Not Be Tolerated And Will Lead To A Warning And Will Lead To A
Ban If User/Users Still Continues.

5... Members/Users Should Post In A Way Which Is Consistent
With "Normal Writing", Users Should Not Post Excessive
Numbers Of Emoticons, Large, Small Or Coloured
Text, E.t.c. Similarly Users should Not SHOUT
Or Use Excessive Punctuations (E.g. ! And ?)
In Topic Titles Or Posts. Users Consistently
Abusing This Will Be Warned And Would Lead To A Ban
If User Still Continues.

6... Members Should Use An Appropriate, Descriptive
Subject When Posting A New Topic. Examples Of Bad
Subjects Include; "Help Me!", "I'm Stuck!", "I've
Got An Error!", E.t.c. Examples of good Subjects
Include; "I'm Having A Problem In Posting", "Cannot
Register or Login, E.t.c.

7... Members/Users Are To Respect The Bandwidth Of Other
Users And Sites. The Use Of Inline ([IMG][/IMG]) Image
Tags Pointing To Data Stored On Third Party Systems
For Which The User Has Not Received Permission To
Link To May Be Removed.

8... Spam Isn't Tolerated Here Under Any Circumstance
And Recruiting Members For Your own Projects (Moderators,
Designers, Professional MOD work,
E.t.c.) Is Not Permitted And Is Also Considered Spam.
Users Posting Spam Will Be Warned And Their post
Removed And Will Lead To Ban If The Use Still Continues.

9... Members Are Asked Not Act As “Back Seat Moderators”.
If Members Note An Issue Which Contravenes Something
In This Policy Document They Are Welcome
To Bring It To The attention Of A Member Of The Moderator Team.
Please Use The “Post report” Feature To Report
Posts. Do Not Respond To Such Topics Yourself.
Members who Constantly “Act” As Moderators May Be Warned
And May Lead To Ban If They Still Continue.

10... The Moderating, Support And Other Teams Reserve
The Right To Edit, Remove Or Put On Moderation
Queue Any Post At Any Time. Please Note That Currently
Every Post Is Automatically Placed In The
Moderation Queue Which Is Visible Only To The Head
Admin And Will Be Approved/Disapproved According
To The Present Rules. The Determination Of
What Is Construed As Indecent, Vulgar, Spam, E.t.c.
As Noted In These Points Is Up To Head Admin And
Not Users.