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Cheapest MTN Call Tariff

I bet you won't want to miss this?

 The price MTN charges on calls now is said to be outrageous most especially on Betatalk tarrifplan. Many people felt betatalk is the best because you are given 250% bonus on all your recharges. But sincerely speaking, the rate at which they charge per call is nothing good to speak about.
This morning I'll be giving you a cheap call tarrif that will reduce your calling cost.

It is no longer new that migration cost from moving from one tarrif plan to another is free so, first migrate to beta talk by sending BT in SMS format to 131.
Once you have migrated to Betatalk load 100N airtime or beta still load 200N to get 500N bonus.
After exhausting the 500N bonus airtime, migrate back to MTN biz by dailing *460*3#
MTN biz call tarrif is very cheap and charges lower cost on calls.
Follow the whole process again each time you want to recharge your sim.
That's has been how i maximize my airtime on MTN network. You might have another idea please, your idea is welcomed via the comment box and don't forget to share with your friends on social media

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