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So many people ain't aware of the scrabbling of MTN ZONE plan that offer 12k/sec to mtn network alone.

Well this is sad though, but could you believe that the scrabbling brought a new better plan tariff? Yes it does.

Mtn is here with a new and better plan that offer cheap call rate to not just mtn to mtn number only but to any network in Nigeria.

below are the newly launch plans and there charge rate

1. Xtra special: Xtra special offer 15k/sec to all network in Nigeria with no charge apply.

2. Xtra Pro: This is another of the newly plan that offer 11k/sec to all network but attached a daily fee. Don't panic as fee attached

is nothing to be worried about. I know must of you will want to know the daily fee attached? Daily fee attached is just #5 per day and you will get to talk to all you family and friends for as low as 11k/sec.

To migrate to any of these plans above

Simply dial *123# > Respond with 2 and you will see the above plan as available.

MTN Every where you GO.

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