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* King6ix If you ever want to mess around with
your android device like installing a
custom recovery, installing a custom
kernel or changing and modifying the
root settings or configuration of your
android device, then the first thing you have to do Is to install a custom
recovery. Though every android device are been
shipped with a stock recovery but the
problem is that they can only be used
to perform some minimal or limited
task like performing a factory reset or
installation of OTA updates from the device manufacturer only, but with the
custom recovery, you can perform
more advance features such as a
factory reset, installing of custom
recovery, flashing of custom kernel,
installing of zip flashable applications or themes,performing a full backup of
your Rom (popularly known as
nandroid backup), restoring your
backup and many more. Though we have different kind of
custom recoveries with different layout
and functions, they all give you almost
the same result. examples of available
custom recoveries are Team Win
Touch Recovery (TWRP) , carliiv touch recovery (CTR) and PhilZ
recovery.. Today I will be discussing
solely on how to install PhilZ recovery
on all mtk devices. PhilZ Recovery was developed by Phil3759 of Xda. The PhilZ recovery is an advanced version of the popular
cwm. The PhilZ recovery comes with
touch feature, Aroma file manager
menu, password protection, 30 theme
colors and many more. Features Of PhilZ Recovery: ==> It supports Multiple zip
==> You can customize the recovery
with the different color options.
==> it supports full touch, double tap,
semi tap and no touch. ==> You can easily browse through
your internal and external sdcard with
the built in Aroma File Manager
==> It supports external sd card.
==> Advance Power menu options. ==> And lots more. How to Install the PhilZ Recovery
on Your Mtk Device:
Requirements: ==> A windows Pc.
==> Adb drivers installed. Check here. ==> A usb cable.
==> Your Rooted mtk device.
==> Philz Recovery installer.
* Download Link 1. * Download Link 2. Procedure: ==> Download and Extract the PhilZ
from the links provided above.
==> Open Philz setup.exe. ==> On the next window, click on next
to install. ==> If the installation was successful,
you should get a popup like the one in
the image below. ==> Just wait while the credit menu
displays. ==> Next you will be asked if you want
to start easy magic PhilZ installer,
click on Yes. ==> You will then be asked what you
want to do, select start Easy Philz Installer For Mediatek and click
ok. ==> just select yes in the next
popup window. ==> Now Connect your device and
click on okay.
*Make sure Adb driver is installed. Note: you might t a message on your
phone screen, just click on okay.
=> Now the installation will begin
automatically. ==> When asked if you have a flipped
recovery screen, Select No (Unless
your recovery screen is flipped). ==> After the whole installation, your
phone should automatically reboot into
recovery and you should get a
success message. You have just successfully installed PhilZ Recovery on your Mtk Device
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